Pick n Pay Pharmacy

Pick n Pay Pharmacy

PnP Pharmacy is committed to providing you, the customer, with the best possible healthcare.
Visit your PnP Pharmacy for self medication, vitamins and supplements, sports nutrition supplements, medical services clinics and a dispensary. In other words, all you need to be healthy!

PnP pharmacies process scripts for both acute and chronic medication. We are preferred providers for most medical aids. Our pharmacists will help you with generic substitution in order to make your medication more affordable and enable your medical aid funds to last longer.

The Government legislated the new maximum dispensing fee in 2010. PnP charges anywhere up to 20% BELOW this maximum legislated fee on all medical aids and cash scripts.

i.e. An item having a SEP cost of R75.00 would cost R115.50 if the maximum dispensing fee was levied. However PnP would charge R94.50 on certain medical schemes.

The fee charged per medical scheme may vary, depending on the contractual arrangements with the various schemes.

SEP means Single Exit Price which is the price of the medication (as legislated by the Department of Health). The pharmacy then adds the dispensing fee to this SEP.

If there is any uncertainty regarding this matter, please check with your pharmacist and they will provide you with the information.

Swipe your smart shopper card for all dispensing fees, clinic services and select products. Legislation states that we cannot offer loyalty points on scheduled medicines.