Warning: The contents of this article may cause stomach grumblings and severe craving for a delicious, flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken.

Opened by two friends in 1987, this Portuguese-style chicken restaurant immediately stood out. Thanks to the legendary African Bird’s Eye Chilli and a blend of other herbs, Nando’s unique flavour has tantalized and mesmerized millions of tongues for over 2 decades. But the essence of the restaurant can also be seen in Nando’s commitment to good service and wholesome meals. The Escudo is the mark that represents Nando’s promise to give excellent quality and flavour that everyone has come to love and expect from Nando’s.

For centuries, a crackling fire represented a place for families to bond over good food and amazing stories, and that’s the feeling you get in every Nando’s restaurant. The naked fire on the grill dramatically flares up each time a tender chicken is flame-grilled to golden brown perfection.

But what makes the food so amazing?

Nando’s only uses premium chickens that are trimmed of excess fat. They are then marinated for 24 hours to ensure that the flavour seeps right through to the bone. The delicious basting sauce is made with natural ingredients and has no added MSG, no preservatives, no flavourants or colourants. Nando’s chickens are never deep-fried but always flame-grilled. While lying on a bed of flames, the butterfly-cut chicken is generously basted in your choice of Tangy Tomato, Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot or Extra Hot Nando’s PERi-PERi flavors. The flames not only bring the flavours to life, but also symbolize the warm spirit of sharing that’s embodied in the people of Nando’s.

Whether you prefer the ¼ chicken and chips or the delicious chicken strips and rice, or even if you want feed your whole family with the full chicken meal, the Nando’s menu has something for everyone. From tasty sides like PERi-wedges, mouth-watering chicken dishes and even salads, Nando’s offers wholesome meals without compromising on taste.

Even with restaurants in the UK, Malaysia, Australia and many other countries around the world, Nando’s still found its way to Plattekloof. With its arrival, Nando’s bring you a restaurant that boasts unique African art pieces, rich colours and textures that remind you of their Afro-Portuguese heritage. As different as every Nando’s restaurant is, you’ll always find a relaxed atmosphere, friendly service, and delicious food that result in a homely place to dine.  And if you can’t come in for the Nando’s in-store experience, you can call (021) 558 1818 for Nando’s delivery service in Plattekloof and its surrounding areas.

It’s not often that people find their perfect match online. So instead of just salivating at the thought of the most delicious, succulent, flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken, rather come into Nando’s in Plattekloof and see if it’s not love at first bite.